Women’s Health and Menopause – What Role Does Nutrition Play?

Creating a “quality” menopause transition requires following certain guidelines to minimize its effects on women’s health. You probably know that this condition wrecks havoc on female anatomy creating chemical imbalances and overall discomfort for a period of time (both short and long).

Bouts of anxiety, physical symptoms such as hot flashes and vibrations ripping through the body, vaginal discomfort, relationship issues, and the realization that women are stepping into the next phase of their lives are critical changes one must face.

Menopause and exercising proper women’s health can easily go hand in hand with a little extra effort. In order to lessen the severity of symptoms, women need to be informed about proper nutrition including vitamin and other supplement consumption. Let’s look into some vitamins that can help.

Some of the physical symptoms of menopause include night sweats, itchy, crawly vibrations throughout the body, and general discomfort. An excellent vitamin to take is Vitamin E women vibrator . Taken in a dose of 800 IU daily, it helps prevent these conditions from happening. Make sure you take one pill with each of your meals, as capsules are best activated in the body when consumed with food.

A good vitamin to aid depression and hot flashes during sleep is magnesium as well (taken in a dose of 1,000 mg. daily). Another one of the letter vitamins that is great for menopausal symptoms and immune system building is Vitamin B-6.

It is a diuretic, which means it flushes out any excess liquid in the body that can cause discomfort. It also aids in processing protein and fights against disease. Women suffering under this condition also experience depressive symptoms, something Vitamin B-6 can combat. Regular Vitamin B can ease anxiety and fight stress as well.

Did you know menopause can cause weak bones? In a condition known as osteoporosis, bones start to become brittle and can break with ease performing the simplest tasks, such as opening a car door or turning suddenly. A quality vitamin such as calcium can help. However, make sure you also take calcium with magnesium and Vitamin D together because they help absorb calcium into the blood stream.

Hormones are also impacted by this wonderful vitamin, as it acts as its “engine” in being spread out throughout the body. Remember, if you don’t want to consume pills and capsules, you can eat foods and drink liquids rich in vitamins such as orange juice, peanuts, soybeans, broccoli, bananas, and milk (calcium loaded). Most doctors would recommend a daily multi-vitamin and antioxidant.

Taking the hormone known as DHEA can also do wonders to battle the effects of menopause. One of the few over the counter pills that also serves as a hormone, it actually produces sex hormones in both men and women. DHEA promotes the functioning of enzymes that speed up bodily processes, block fat cells, and fights disease. DHEA is actually produced by the body in the adrenal glands, but declines in amount as we get older. That’s why it’s crucial to keep taking DHEA to keep the body in optimum health and fight this condition.

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