What’s in a Drafter Job Description?

Drafters are also known as computer-aided design and drafting specialists (CADD SPECIALISTS). A drafter’s job description basically involves preparing technical drawings and plans. These plans are used in the production and construction of workers when they make products like toys, coffee makers, machines, houses, airplanes and oil pipelines. Technical details of the structures and products with their specific dimensions, materials and procedures can be seen in these drawings. CADD system is used by drafters in preparing these drawings. Drafters are in demand in the electronics industry and are hired by construction, manufacturing and engineering firms.

Drafters are experts in drawing and with the aide of computers can create elaborate designs with accuracy and efficiency. The CADD system alerts the operator and automatically corrects their errors. The same system can rearrange and repeat parts of the design, change the drawing’s size and proportions, rotate a drawing to show its different angles. To be able to perform these functions, the drafter uses graphic tablets, digitizers, cursor pads and light pens.

Drafters have the capability to make drawings out of sketches or specifications that an engineer or designer has developed. Others can do the actual creation using the CADD system in documenting their designs.

Drafters are classified according to their field of work. Architectural drafters are those that draw plans for houses, office complexes, shopping centers, schools and other Daftar 4D type of buildings. Electrical drafters are masters in drawing plans such as electrical systems for power plants, factories or municipal lighting systems. Mechanical drafters are experts in drawing manufacturing plans of machinery, tools, auto parts and other mechanical products. Other kinds of drafting specialists are aeronautical drafters, marine drafters, electronic drafters and structural drafters.

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