What You Need to Know About Hosting Your Blog

Blogs are quickly becoming favourites to many Internet online users. They are basically online diaries or posts of information, news, updates and reviews. Blogs allow communication between the reader and the write and are also quite popular for search engines as they usually carry “fresh” content. For this reasons we see that thousands of blogs are created each day. Before you start your own blog you must understand that there are initially two basic requirements – web hosting of your blog and a blogging software or platform for your blog. Both of these come in free and paid versions. Taking a closer look at your options can help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Free Blogging Platforms (ones that are hosted for free by the platform’s site) are quite popular, especially for newcomers who do not want to spend any money on starting up a blog. The two most popular free blogging platforms are blogger (previously known as BlogSpot) and WordPress. These sites allow you to build your own blog for free as well as hosting it live on the Internet at no cost, however there are some limitations to such an option. Control of your website or blog is restricted. You would not have the flexibility to have your blog under your own domain name (unless you pay for hosting with a separate company) www.earlynewspaper.com . This means your blog will always be a part of their domain – a subdomain and would disadvantage you if you are trying to build a name for yourself. In addition to this, the blogging platform sites have full control over your blog. They may choose to delete your blog whenever they want to or change the terms and conditions as they wish.

On the contrary, given the fact that it is a free service, it would be a great place to learn and experience what it is like to blog before paying for it. As you blog grows it would then be wise to consider a paid option.

Paid blogging platforms provide you with more features for your blog including things like hundreds of web templates and designs to use, unlimited number of blogs, premium customer support, and flexibility to control the entire blog yourself.

Free webhosting, like free blogging platforms, have limitations on their usage. You may be provided with a restricted amount of bandwidth and disk storage space, limited number of email accounts, limited number of webpages for your site and less flexibility with the design of you site. Some free web hosting companies do not allow the usage of your own domain. Others would allow it but you must agree to allow them to place ads on your website. These ads may cause you website to appear unprofessional and can also be annoying.

Paid web hosting can vary in features, options and prices. Plans are usually charged on a per month basis. Packages can starts anywhere from $5/month. The price usually varies depending on the term of the contract. The longer the plan you sign up for the less you pay per month. Usually there is a basic web hosting plan and a premium web hosting plan. Depending on the company you are looking into most basic packages are usually sufficient enough for you blog. If your blog expands and you can justify the need for any extra features the premium plans are usually available.

The advantages and disadvantages of your options are set out above. The solution you use for your blog will highly depend on your budget. Most bloggers would choose the option of signing up to a web hosting plan and use a free blogging platform in conjunction. This option allows you to host your blog on your own domain. Although there are limitations to the free blogging platforms you may choose to use your own website template to customise the look of the blog. You may then use the FTP option from the blogging platform to integrate the blog onto your domain with your web design so that visitors will see it as being a part of your own site.

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