What Are Resort Malls?

You only have to look at the Main Street of any town to see that small retailers have never had it so hard. With out of town shopping malls offering choice, convenience and low prices to all, many shoppers have abandoned the high street in favor of the vast retail spaces that hover around our towns and cities.

It may surprise you, though, to learn that simply opening a shopping mall and attracting a few big name retailers doesn’t guarantee success. Retail is an arms race. Shoppers bore easily, and they’re always looking for the next big thing. If one thing is certain in retail it’s that anyone who stands still will, eventually, fall to the competition.

The latest development in the world of mall retail is a real game changer. So called ‘resort malls’ are popping up all over the world, and right now they couldn’t be hotter. But what are resort malls, and how are they different from every other large retail space 레플리카 ?

Well, to understand the difference it’s important to understand the concept of ‘dwell times’. Regular malls are designed to provide the convenience of many stores under one roof, with the advantage over the high street being that visitors can park, shop and eat all in one place. Resort malls, on the other hand, aim to keep visitors on site for a much greater length of time. While regular malls aim for a visit of a couple of hours, resort malls aim to increase the dwell time dramatically, from hours to days at a time. They do this buy adding non-retail amenities that range all the way from theaters to bowling alleys to, in many cases, office space and housing.

One of the best examples of this new breed of mall can be found in Dubai, the home of cutting edge retail. The Mall of the Emirates includes not only a large, world class retail space but also hotels, offices, condominiums and even a vast indoor ski hill. The mall offers such an unusual and unique visitor experience that it regularly finds itself featured in tourist industry literature.

And that, of course, is the point. The primary aim of a resort mall is to offer a much richer, more alluring experience than a traditional shopping mall, to the extent that the mall becomes a destination in itself beyond the retail offerings.

So why do developers want this? Well, it’s because they understand retail psychology, and they know that an increase in dwell time has a direct correlation with an increase in spending. For every additional minute per visitor they can squeeze out of their dwell time they’ll see a significant uptick in the revenue pouring into the registers.

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