Top 10 Websites to Source Content for Your Blog

As more and more people start blogging, finding unique topics to blog about is becoming tougher by the day. Here’s a list of websites you can gather information from for your blog.

1. Quora – This is probably one of the best question and answer websites around. Quora is relatively new, but has grown exponentially over the past few years. The unique feature about this website is that answers are given by experts in the field you ask a question on. It works based on interests, and displays only questions based on the interests you choose when you sign in.

2. Yahoo Answers – This used to be my primary resource for finding content for my blog. You can search country specific answers, or all english answers on this website. The main advantage of Yahoo answers is that it is quite old and has tons of content. One problem with this however is that it has so much content that it will take you a while to browse through it and find out exactly what you need.

3. Mashable – This has of late become the number one tech, information blog I visit. The search on Mashable is quite profound and it has various topics listed out. It can help you find out exactly what you are looking for, if there is a topic written about it. Mashable has a lot of exclusives, and also boasts of a large number of content writers. So, although some of the content is borrowed from Facebook or individual bloggers, Mashable still acts as a repository for all this content, plus some exclusive new content.

4. Books – If you are a blogger, and you are not in the habit of reading books, I suggest you start right now. Reading biographies, like the ones of famous companies like google, Facebook will help you a great deal. Reading specific books about online marketing, or how to leaverage a startup, Investment books etc are great examples.ซีรี่ย์ฝรั่ง

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