Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe Using Gemstone Jewelry

Updating your attire can be as simple as adding a few pieces of gemstone jewelry. Most times when we feel like scrapping our entire wardrobe and starting anew, what we really need is to update our jewelry wardrobe. Adding a fabulous gemstone necklace (or two) and a couple of gemstone bracelets to our outfit of the day can instantly update our look and take us from drab to fab in seconds! The vibrant colors, shapes and textures of gemstone jewelry make it a very attractive alternative to traditional silver or gold necklaces or bracelets. Because gem jewelry is so versatile, it’s very easy to incorporate it with casual or dressy attire and is appropriate for daytime or evening wear bracelet pop it .

Gemstone necklaces are one of the best ways to add style to a plain black suit or dress. Layered over a suit amid a crisp white shirt or a pretty camisole, a beautiful turquoise or smoky quartz necklace grazing your neckline can revamp a basic look and add dimension to an otherwise plain or boring outfit. Incorporating a multi gemstone necklace such as beautiful orange coral with yellow quartz or green jasper is the perfect way to add flair to that little summer dress. Another way that I like to wear my gemstone necklaces is with a simple T-shirt and skinny jeans or skirts. One of my favorite looks is layering different gems for variety. I’ll take a strand of 60″ pearls and double them up before adding my favorite purple or pink beaded quartz necklace. The options are truly endless and are only limited by your imagination.

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Wrists adorned with colorful jewels are another great way to add instant style and glamour to an otherwise basic outfit. Personally, I like three or more. Gemstone bracelets that feature large colorful gems are my favorites. Bright reds, mixed with rich browns or beautiful soft greens coupled with deeper shades of emerald green or even beautiful butterscotch yellows are perfect options if you need just a pop of color. Sterling silver cuffs decorated with different gems can also be worn with jeweled T’s, tanks or sweaters. If simplicity is more of your preference, then a bangle or stretch bracelet in a muted color is another alternative – it really is all up to you!

There is no simpler way to update a look than to add gemstone earrings to your ensemble. From a simple gem stud made of amethyst, peridot or onyx, to a chandelier earring decorated with lots of brightly colored stones, an earring made of gems is another great way to spruce up your look. Whether you wear your hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun, or down with cascading curls, if you’re looking for a quick way to inject a little color into your outfit, add a gem earring.

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