The Wildest Wedding Gowns of the Future

When it comes to couture wedding gowns, it’s easy to imagine things have never changed, and will never change. Take a little look back in time, though, and you’ll see all sorts of interesting developments when it comes to weddings and the dresses that have traditionally been worn to them. Even the ‘timeless’ staple of a white wedding dress might not be quite as old as you think… so who knows what will be the accepted standard 10, 20, or 30 years from now? In the world of dress design, things never stay the same way for too long. Here are a few of the evolutions we may see in the wedding gowns of the future.

Steampunk Clothing

Bold Colours

While white is the accepted standard now, all it may take is for one celebrity or influential figure to buck the trend and we’ll see a whole slew of couture wedding gowns that use colour to a far greater extent. For example, a few of the recent bridal fashion shows have featured entirely black wedding dresses – the polar opposite to the traditional white gown Steampunk Dress. However, the willingness to experiment does show the sort of attitude that many designers can take to colour, and all it takes is one highly-publicised example a trend takes off – wedding dresses of different colours may soon become more and more common.

Different Styles

There are plenty of ‘alternative’ wedding ideas and options out there – whether you have a taste for steampunk or the gothic, there’s an aesthetic to suit you. While many people still enjoy the traditional ceremony, there’s no reason not to plan a day that’s just a little bit more ‘you’, and many people are beginning to do that already. What this might mean for couture wedding gowns is that increasing diversity in styles and schools of design may keep on branching out – allowing brides more customisation options. Creating a personal, customised dress may well become the norm of the future, instead of shopping for an ‘off-the-rack’ wedding dress.

Plenty of Accessories

With the recent quirky emergence of couture wedding gowns that feature pockets, we might just be in for a sweep of dresses favouring function over style. It might be interesting to see where the theory and practice behind wedding dress design goes, with these kinds of modern considerations to incorporate into the finished product. On the other hand, this might be a trend that doesn’t quite take off. No matter the modern gadgets and conveniences that a bride might need, there’s always the desire to leave it all behind on the big day!

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