The Smoking Ban: Did You Know?

Many countries have a smoking ban or, at least, are contemplating one. There is a smoking ban in force in France, Ireland and Scotland. In England, a smoking ban comes into force on July 1st 2007, Wales April 2nd and Northern Ireland April 30th.

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The legislation proposes, in fact outlaws, smoking in all public places. This includes pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, offices and workplaces how much does a gallon of milk weigh . There is also a ban for those travelling on public transport (although this is rarely allowed already) and those travelling as part of employee transport. This is good for those that have for a long time been opposed to ruining their own health and social enjoyment by the shrinking minority of smokers.

The ban proposals have led to some observers surmising that smokers will cause havoc elsewhere instead. It is true, we can expect more smoking outside particularly in the warmer months (is this why July was chosen in England, in order to “let the smokers in gently?”). This will aggravate non-smokers as and when they also wish to sit outside how to close upstox account . Having more smoking (perhaps also in defiance) will increase disenchantment for non-smokers.

It was also thought that there will be more people smoking at the entrances to pubs and clubs. In fact this is already seen in places and establishments where they have had the foresight to start a ban immediately. However, after July 1st, it will not be permissible to smoke at the entrance to a public place or office. These are deemed to be “partially covered” or “partially enclosed” and attract the full weight of the legislation.

Smokers defying the ban can find on the spot fines and premises owners will face very stiff penalties should they allow smoking on their premises or fail to display adequate signage.

In a recent experiment, scientists have discovered that the guys who suffered stroke damage to a prune- sized spot inside the brain successfully got rid of nicotine cravings and as this research result became evident, perplexity and astonishment took hold of the minds of people throughout the world. And further to this anti-smoking outcome, now the scientists are trying to look for a medicine which can induce the same changes developed by the brain injury. The result of the experiment as well as the hope of the scientists to devise medicines that could substitute the effects of brain injury and lead to smoking cessation cannot be expected to yield promising result for the smoking fraternity across the world at present.

The news relating to smoking cessation through injury has indeed made waves around the world but it cannot in any way help smokers to quit smoking as it is unthinkable to show signs of foolhardiness by deliberately inflicting injury on oneself. Secondly, if scientists across the world start to work on the drugs they are planning to launch, it would take years for the medicines to come into view.

Picture this scene. We were in gross anatomy lab when we were asked to cut open the chest cavity of our cadaver. Feeling squeamish yet?

What happened next was a bit of a shock. Cadavers have been soaked in formaldehyde for at least six months before they get to the lab so you might imagine that they smell like formaldehyde on the outside as well as on the inside. That wasn’t the case.

When we opened the chest cavity the first thing I could smell was not formaldehyde. I could smell cigarette smoke. It was a real eye opener. Imagine my surprise when I found that this former smoker’s lungs were black through and through. There were no pink spots to be found. The lungs were black on the outside and they were black on the inside.

After slicing through one of the lungs, we found that it was the same degree of blackness all the way through. Everything was black. I understood right then and there what smoking could do to the human body.

When I was a young boy, I remember that my great aunt had emphysema. I can still see the oxygen canister that was ever present in her home. It was never far away. Life has many hardships but I think some of the bitterest are the ones we bring upon ourselves.

Practically everyone knows that smoking is bad and yet so many people continue to smoke. If you are a smoker you probably have thought of quitting many times. Nicotine is very addictive. Yet, people can and do quit.

My mother was a smoker. I was stationed far away in Hawaii for my first tour in the Navy and it would still bother me whenever I thought about her smoking. One day I sent her a subliminal tape designed to help her quit. In a few weeks she reported that she did indeed quit.

Smoking increases the risk of developing many diseases such as cancer, emphysema and heart disease. Believe it or not, even the possibility of developing gum disease is increased by smoking.

The cost of cigarettes is pretty high too. I was in the store the other day and the person next to me purchased a pack of cigarettes. I was surprised to hear the clerk ask for four dollars and twenty-five cents. Some people smoke a pack or more per day. The cost adds up. Seems like cigarettes are easy prey for the taxing authorities.

I don’t know how you feel, but it appears that there are plenty of good reasons to quit smoking. I still have a relative that smokes and I hope she quits too. I’d like to see her preserve and protect her health.

If you are still smoking and assuming you would like to quit, you could print this article out and read it every day for motivation. If you know of anyone who is still smoking, maybe you could send it to them for inspiration. If these stories can help a few more people it would be good.

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