The Growth of the Casino

It has been hard to miss the growth of casinos and other gaming parlors in the past several decades. It seems that more and more governments are turning to the power of legalized gaming to fund everything from education for the children to prescription drugs for the senior citizens. Gaming is big business, and there are always casino operators ready, willing and able to take a piece of the action.

You already know the big names in the casino business, among them such luminaries as Donald Trump and Steve Wynn. And from the pleasure palaces of Las Vegas to the dingy appeal of Atlantic City, there are many places average gamblers and high rollers alike can enjoy the appeal of the casino pragmatic play .

But casinos are no longer limited to the big cities we all know. These days even the smallest towns are cashing in on the lure of big money. There are casinos, some run by Indian tribes and others run by private and public organizations, dotting the landscape from coast to coast.

In many cases, states are legalizing gaming in an attempt to stem the tide of citizens crossing the border for gaming action in neighboring states. For example, Pennsylvania recently legalized slot machines, and they will soon join the ponies in Pennsylvania’s horse racing tracks. This is in many ways an attempt to convince gamblers to stay at home instead of heading to the casinos of Atlantic City just a few hours away.

In fact, bus trips to casinos are a growth industry in themselves, and a visit to the bus center in any of the Atlantic City casinos will reveal bus after bus, coming day in and day out. Casinos often offer cash bonuses to gamblers to lure them to the slots, bingo, blackjack, poker, roulette and other popular games. It certainly works, and many on those buses are regulars, drawn to the excitement and promise of easy riches. While gaming will always be somewhat controversial, it seems that the casino is certainly here to stay.

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