Television Production – Lesson Thirteen, How Do We Serve?

2008 I wrote this article over eight years ago, and just adding a little more information but not changing hardly any of the original writing. Updated here, I hope all readers enjoy or benefit from this current writing in 2016.

Funny phrase. How do we serve? Are we talking about the restaurant business or are we talking television? What does this have to do with learning about television production or producing television shows.

Kindly note that this particular article refers to volunteering in a particular studio and that the rules of some studios and some buildings might be different.

However, most of the basic rules, should be the same, no matter where you go. Bottom line is have courtesy, be professional and be focused. Pay attention to what you are there for and you will be successful, with flying colors. There will be time for talk, chatter and other socialization later–after the production.

Here’s why the phrase is connected to television. And these are some of the things that you might have learned in class, except that while you learn them here there are no holds barred. In other words, I will tell you in plain English, in a style that says I am not worried about what you think of me -at all. You have here the truth, about what should not happen on your show. We (all community access television producers) should serve gladly, professionally and with proper attention to the show at hand.

This is so important. How many times do we see producers using their cellular phones, on unrelated business, while they are working on a show? How many times do we see producers not focusing their full attention on the matter at hand or on the production that they are working on?

Would you want production work on your own show to be like that?

We should remain focused on the show that we are working on. That is how we serve other producers. And hopefully, they will serve us back in a similar way.A look into the community television production access television business:

Once someone, a producer who has volunteered to work on your show, shows up for your show/production, that producer should not be on the telephone or on his or her cellular phone – at all, unless they have a hospital emergency. In other words, if a relative is already in the hospital and they are expecting a call, something serious like that- is a real emergency.

However, so many times producers are on the telephone simply making arrangements for other shows or doing things that are totally unrelated to the production. That is what should not happen.

Okay, now that you have the picture, let us focus on what should happen to make your show go in the right direction and to make everyone feel comfortable and productive. Be positive in thought, word and action while you are helping out on anyone’s show. Sometimes we help on shows that we do not agree with. This is the best time to practice our positive attitude. If you can be positive on a show where you do not agree with the statement it makes or with what or who is on the show, then you will have perfected your positive attitude, if you have agreed to work on the show.

If you know for sure that your values totally contradict those of the show, of another producer, do not even attempt to work on the show because you will not be successful.

Everything is your choice of course; you have free will and you decide where and when you will volunteer or work, but make choices that are good for your health, mind and spirit and you will be glad and happy about your choices.

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