Staff Scheduling Software Makes Schedule Worries a Thing of the Past

In your workplace it can be a stressful task to compile a shift schedule that is going to meet every employees needs -the amount of work hours that can go into making sure each employee is satisfied can be tremendous. However using staff scheduling software these concerns can become a thing of the past Mercy smart square .

Using the software the shift schedule can be pre-arranged weeks before – the shift manager can be content that all shifts will be successfully covered. When arranging the schedule is shift manager will usually use a previous schedule as a template and make the appropriate changes to it. The employees can also enter their availability to work. The software can then begin the process of allocating shifts to employees – and all this is done automatically!

Furthermore since most staff scheduling software is web based this can cause a revelation of shift allocation in the workplace. The shift schedule can be viewed from any internet connected computer. There is no worry if they lose the shift schedule an employee has been given on paper. Similarly there is no longer a need to contact the workplace to find out when they are next working – it can all be done on the computer.

In addition the web based allows an employee to easily transfer shifts between each other if they are assigned shifts they are now unable to work. Similarly if a employee calls up saying they cannot work a shift the manager can easily look up which employees have said they are available to work during the shift that needs transferred.

For part-time workers it can be difficult to remember when they are next working since they shift schedule can be very flexible and they are assigned different shifts. Therefore some staff scheduling software can send a text message to the employee a couple of hours before they are scheduled to begin work. This has been found to drastically reduce the number of missed shifts.

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