Sending Fake News to Terrorists, and Loan Wolves Considered

Apparently, we have all the technology we need to filter news to certain individuals. Just as you put an app on your smart phone or tablet so that you can look at the news items that most interests you, or that are most appropriate for your business, these same technologies can be used to prevent homegrown lone wolf terrorists from reading information in the news that might give them ideas, or set them off to go do a devious act Pimpandhost .

If the authorities got a search warrant; would it be appropriate for them to send fake news to the terrorists, to either cause them to act more suspicious so we can catch them, or to prevent them from going ahead with their plans? That’s a good question isn’t it? Well, we are at war with international terrorists, and they are trying to recruit Americans to do terrible things against soft targets in our country. Our CIA uses misdirection in the media, and it is also a note strategy in times of war.

Our adversaries, enemies, and those nation-states which wish to propel their political desires often put out fake news reports. So if everyone else is already doing that, and our enemies are trying to influence and shape the minds of the American people so that they will vote for candidates who are softer in times of war, or antiwar candidates, then such a technique would be similar. As if a known terrorist, or individuals in a terrorist cell had an iPhone, or other smart phone, or a tablet computer, and they were using certain apps, it would be a piece of cake to use this strategy against them as they plot against us.

What sorts of news might we send to them? Well, the sky is the limit really, you could send all sorts of misdirection, and really foul them up. If they were looking for some sort of chemical to buy to make a bomb for instance, you might even put an ad on one of the news items they were reading so they would contact that company, which might be actually an FBI sting operation.

Just set the trap, I let them fall into it, and you could set the trap for their weakest link based on a profiling of which of their terrorist cell members might give you the most information about the other members and whatever they were planning. Are you beginning to see how brilliant this is and how easy it could work? Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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