Paying Advertising – Getting Reviewed

One of the best traffic generating tip is to Pay for Advertising. Paying for Advertising on Blogs or sites sometimes brings you positive conclusions sometimes you just don’t get nothing traffic from that. I think one of the best traffic generating tip is to be reviewed by someone. You pay for review of your Blog and advertiser post an article which includes your Blog review and some backlinks. Usually you pay more for being reviewed as having an 125×125 banner for one month on advertiser sites. In this post I will buy verified trustpilot reviews show you some sites that gives you an opportunity to be reviewed and some sites that help you to review others.

Buying Advertising – Getting Reviewed

If you want to buy review posts on others Blog you can do it on Blogs who have a message on their Blog like: Get reviewed by me for $$$. Or you can find logos like this one:

This one is from JohnChow dot com.

This logo is from which is one of the most popular sites with reviewing system. The prize of being reviewed my advertiser is define by Blog traffic, votes and potential of the site. So more the site or Blog is popular bigger is the Getting Reviewed prize.

Another site which has Review me system is The prize of the Blog review is define by Alexa, Technorati rank and total Backlinks. If you want getting reviewed by MG’s blog you can look here, the prize is curently only 15$.

Selling Advertising – Review others

As you can buy other Reviews you can sell yours too. You can use one of this two sites I wrote upper or you can set your prize of Review on your Blog.

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