One Stop Career Centers Can Maximize Your Job Search

Did you know that there are hundreds of One Stop Career Centers available nationwide? Many states use different names to distinguish them. Most employers and job hunters are likely not aware that a location in one state or locality may offer them the exact same services as a location in another state or surrounding area that is just using a different name. Each one has experienced staff members to help provide you with essential resources for making your job search successful. They also provide assistive technology for persons with disabilities that can benefit you in using their professional services and resources.

Both job hunters and businesses alike utilize them for help in locating and listing job opportunities. When you go to one for the very first time, you’ll be instructed to complete a registration form. Signing up is free of charge. There are advisors there that can help you determine your needs, 服務式辦公室 capabilities and interests. While there you will connect with devoted and experienced persons such as workshop leaders, unemployment professionals, and case managers. These professionals will show you step-by-step methods for initiating your job search as well as your re-entry into the workforce.

The many services available through them include career counseling, job training assistance, various employment-related services and access to job listings. Services for ex-offenders include job search assistance, re-entry counseling, information on federal hiring incentives, referrals for support services and workshops tailored to meet their unique needs. To get help with your job search simply stop by one of the locations to meet with the case managers or employment specialists, call the one nearest to you or visit their website to gain more information.

Their primary goal is to help you develop the necessary skills needed to accurately complete a job application, find a job, learn basic computer skills, and get a GED. You can also obtain referrals to area colleges. Information on the best schools to attend in your field of study can be located there as well. They also offer you the ability to search for schools and organizations that provide educational, occupational and job training opportunities. Information on various scholarships and grants that can help finance your education can also be found there.

There are also resource rooms available for job hunters. In the resource room you will find computers you can use for both your job search and labor market research, various software are also available to help you prepare resumes and cover letters; information on training providers and community agencies; access to job listings and other information used to facilitate self- directed activities.

Keep in mind that these offices play a supporting role in your job search and not the main role. The states provide all of the facilities, equipment and counseling needed to help make your job search successful. However, it is up to you, the job hunter, to take advantage of the tools and resources that are available. In other words, you have to do your part by applying for jobs on and offline as well as following up on any leads that you receive. By working in partnership with these state agencies you will find the job search process a lot smoother and opportunities for interviews and employment to be more frequent.

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