Kindle Vs Nook. Which is Better?

The digital eBook reader market has battled on again between Kindle vs Nook. For the eBook lovers, they are always interested to know which eBook reader model is better. Here are the key comparsions:

1.Ebook Reader Price: Kindle 2 is now selling at US$189 while Nook is selling at US$199. Both versions come with built-in 3G connectivity. There is another lower cost Nook with short range Wifibut it has limited online access. Unless you are looking for a wider screen, Kindle DX with 9.7″ display size should be the right fit. Apart from these hardware prices (dated 21June2010) are concerned,a recent market research carried out by WalletPop found that that Amazon’s kindle prices are much lower than Barnes & Noble and the Sony Reader Store. It is last heard that Amazon does not chargetax while Barnes & Noble may charge taxes in all their deployed storewide locations.

2. Physical Specification: Although both Kindle 2 and Nook has a 6 inch ink display, Kindle 2 has a larger tad of ( 8 x 5.3 inches) as compared to the Nook (7.7 x 4.9 inches). In kindle text to speech android terms of thickness, Kindle 2 is thinner with a 0.36 inch depth as compared to the Nook’s 0.5inch. Kindle 2 weighs 10.2oz which is also lighter than the Nook’s 12.1oz. Nook has a color touchscreen but many may see this feature unnecessaryif compared to the advantage of having a longer battery usage.

3. Battery Life: Kindle’s up to 2 weeks battery power without any recharge is surely a killer. Nook has a battery life between 7 to 10 days. There are some real user reviews saying that theactual battery life usage is only 10 days for kindle and 4-5 days for the Nook. This may be quite true especially the rechargeable battery is used over and over again for a period of time. Being a portable eBook readeror wireless reading device, the longer battery life is important especially for those who are travelling frequently.

4. Content: Barnes & Noble claimed to have over one million eBook titles and 500,000 free ebooks as compared to Amazon’s over 450,000 ebooks, magazines and newspaper selections.But in terms of the content quality, many have reverted that Amazon is putting up what readers want to read.

5. Connectivity: All latest Kindle Wireless Reading Device models are now all global wireless due to 3G connectivity while the Nook has the 3G and Wifi versions. Kindle is using free 3G internet access by Amazon while the Nook’s Wifimay have more location limitations over slower wireless connections in those wireless hotspots but the Nook has free Wifi access to all Barnes & Noble Stores. The Nook’s 3G model will be matching Kindle.

6. Unique features: Kindle has the popular text to speech option which the Nook does not have. The Nook may have book lending and in-store browsing features advantages over the kindle. The Nook is powered by Android but the current reviews across the street are saying those Android applications are slower to run. Amazon Kindle ‘s Android version may be also out soon to compete.

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