How You FEEL Dictates How You ACT (And it Also Dictates Your Income and Your Number of Clients)

Sometimes, despite the stellar marketing plans, our “positive thinking”, our resolve, our determination and manifesting, we have doubts about whether we can really “do” this. Let’s admit it. Sometimes fear steps in anyway, despite our best intentions. The inner doubt begins to take over and we wonder if it’s really going to “happen”. Empyrean Bedding Queen Fitted Sheet Only Deep Pocket - Queen  Sheets Deep Pocket Fits 18-21 Inch Bed - Extra Deep Pocket Queen Fitted  Sheet - Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet That Holds

Thing is, the way we feel about our business directs the actions that we take. And of course, the actions we take (in marketing and otherwise) inevitably create the results we experience in our business. Those actions we choose to take (or not) determine how many clients we have, our level of 1ncome, and the opportunities that we take advantage of.

So, that said, how we FEEL and ACT is crucial in the process of creating the business we want. But often, especially in times of doubt, we’re not sure how to get back to a good-feeling place, do we? We want the direction of our business to change, we want a solution to our problems to arrive. Essentially, we want a “miracle” to show up and take care of everything.

If you’re at all spiritual like I am, you already know intellectually that when we expect a miracle, a miracle shows up. If we have faith that good things are on their way, they show up, and there’s a lot to be said about positive expectation. This isn’t about positive thinking. This is about faith and positive expectation and faith counts for everything in this game.

Problem is, most people have a difficult time actually staying in a place of deep faith that what they envision for their business (and their life) is on its way. It takes a lot of courage to BELIEVE that the results are indeed coming. But when you believe, that process of faith is the biggest magnet for bringing prosperity to your business and into your life.

Some time back, I learnt about how my Lord works and it has been engraved in me since. A certain preacher told me that life is not computed by its duration but its donation. The Lord gave us life we are then judged by what we did in the life we lived. A dear friend told me about the dream she had, were she was at the gates of Heaven and she was told to write on two separate sheets of paper to write what the Lord had done to her and what in turn she had done to God. She woke up really challenged and praying for the Lord to give her strength to do His work. She began to feel

ashamed at the asking she was always doing in her prayers for the Lord to do something in her life. She had been given life after she almost lost it and God clearly told her there is a reason for getting back that life. I am happy she is on course to donate to the life she has been given. The Lord talks of the Israelites forgetting Him after He had shown Himself to them through great wonders and miracles he performed in the wilderness. We do not want to be remembered as the generation that forgot all the miracles and chose to worship a golden calf.

We all have great and wonderful things that the Lord has done in our lives. We are always asking and God is ever faithful to us as He listens to our pleas and answers our prayers. How exciting it is when you have your prayer answered, we are quick to thank God and even share with our closest family and friends. How many times do we testify of the Lord’s greatness? Do we share our testimony with the others at church, at work or even the stranger who needs salvation? I always feel great when I share my testimony in church, because I feel I will be strengthening a brother who

needs assurance that God is there for us watching over us and getting us out of pressing situation. It dawned to me when I was talking to my friend that we marvel at what the Lord has done for us, do we have something that we have done for our Lord? How much is it? When I get at the gates of Heaven and I am presented with those two sheets will I be able to fill in confidently the sheet that requires the things I have done for my Lord, the donation I gave to life? I have great testimonies of the great things the Lord has done; will the Lord have testimonies of the great things I have done for the life He gave me? Does He have testimonies of great things that you did?

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