How to Say Happy New Year in Spanish and How to Speak Cuban Spanish

Today, you will learn how to say Happy New Year in Spanish and how to speak Cuban Spanish. This is how to say Happy New Year in Spanish: “Prospero Año Nuevo.” But keep in mind that you can say either “Prospero Año Nuevo” or “Feliz Año Nuevo.” Or as they say in Colombia, “Feliz Año.”

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After I wrote a recent article where I included a “foto” and a “receta” for pegao, concon or cucayo (delicacy consisting of crunchy rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot), one reader responded with a very interesting email:

“Muchas gracias, Patrick. BTW, in Cuba, the rice crust at the bottom of thepot is called la raspa, and is a delicacy there, too. Gracias por la receta, tambien happy new year messages. Most people these days just forgo the raspa and use a rice cooker, but I hate accumulating more gadgets! I do use my pressure cooker though.
I do a lot of Cuban cooking. I love it.

We will have a traditional Noche Buena on Christmas Eve with the Lechon Asado that I injected and marinated with mojo for at least 24 hours, yuca con mojo, frijoles negros, arroz, (if you cook the rice and beans together it is called Moros y Cristianos), maybe some platanos maduros fritos (yum), salad, and for dessert flan and maybe some Turrones. I’ve never had Turrones, but it’s part of the traditional Christmas foods. Do you still live in Colombia? I tried to make arepas, but did not get them to cook through properly. Plus, I’m not sure we have the proper harina here. I used the one Mexicans use for tamales and tortillas”

VIRGO (August 23-September 22) Virgo will be the dark horse in this three-legged race. Your efforts may go unnoticed, but you can be sure that what you do behind the scenes will increase your resources. Maybe you are making plans that are not being discussed publicly; this quiet contemplation allows you to save cash and store up for unexpected expenses. Cosmic Advice: Lady Luck is moving in, one-to-one relationships should improve.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Libra has the burden of responsibility. Libra must make sure everyone in the race knows the rules. The weight of friendship can keep Libra from being competitive. Libra does not have to win, keeping the peace is more important. Cosmic Advice: Negotiating the goals of a group or organization may be more valuable to Libra than reaching the finish line first.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Scorpio can be involved in a repeat performance. You have locked away your three-legged partner and are out there doing what you have done before. No need to improve or rework your act, publicly you get the nod for a do over. Cosmic Advice: If you have not made a physical move by now, perhaps you might be caught in another redo.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Sagittarius likes to live outside the box, despite the rules that keep you grounded. In this three-legged race of the New Year, Sadge is coupled with reviewing the traditions and beliefs of the past and cleaning house on goals and dreams. We all have to re-evaluate our progress and judgment, for Sadge this is good timing. Opportunities are abundant just give yourself all the room you need to get to the finish line.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Capricorn should be reaping the harvest. The many years of hard work and progress are like the crops in the field. You need to go out and survey what you have planted and decide what will work for you in the long term. Reviewing your resources with a partner can bring more opportunity your way. Cosmic Advice: Money owed can be paid to you, insurance or estate money can also find its way into a joint account.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Aquarius prefers to travel in tandem or has more success when paired rather than being solo. This combination must find the comfort level and when satisfied seek opportunities at a distance. Cosmic Advice: You are beginning the last stage of reaching your goals. Your belief system will be challenged, but rely on that trusted partner for the best advice.

Stay close to your customers. Find out how they are using your products. Ask questions about what could improve their experience. Encourage customers to provide ideas and yes even complaints. Take a “hear it first” approach. If someone is unhappy you want to know. Every concern is valid. Many times it is just a misunderstanding about how something works. Learn everything you can about your customers.

Don’t nickel and dime. Sometimes you have real costs and are not able to give out a free-bee. Other times you can give something either at a discount or at no charge. If you have a long-term steady paying customer that is totally low maintenance try to do something for them. Perhaps offer some free training classes or advice that will allow them to use your product more effectively. Stay in touch.

Build relationships. To keep customers long-term takes more than just a good product. Genuinely caring about your customers goes beyond offering a good product. Maybe they need longer terms because of some unexpected expenses or were unusually affected by the economy. If you could accommodate then do it. Maybe they need help after hours or require some special scheduling. In turn, good relationships offer recommendations by customers which will benefit your firm. Any relationship is a two-way street by nature and it always goes beyond the normal realm of business.

Next, all business is not good business. If you know that your product is not a good fit, do not take the business. This is probably the most difficult challenge yet it is an important one. Attempt to do a discovery meeting before you proceed with any sales cycle. This will allow you to assess the needs of the prospect and if you are not a good fit, direct them elsewhere. Remember, there is no harm in recommending a competitor. We receive referrals from competitors and also give them. It’s good business and everyone wins. Competitors do not have to be enemies.

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