How to Form a PUA Lair

1. Go to a domain purchasing website such as to search for your desired domain name. Sometimes there will be sales such as a discounted domain selling only for $1.99 if you purchase it with a minimum of 3 months hosting plan. (this will sign you up for the domain for one year)

2. Purchase the domain and also purchase a Linux hosting service of 3 months, this will cost you a total of less then $20 and will be all the money you will be spending. Of course GoDaddy email login , after three months if your community is running well, you may wish to pay the additional money for perhaps a monthly plan, it will be about $5 per month) And the linux hosting service is to be compatible with NVU, which is a Linux based program and has nothing to do with the operating system your computer is running on. If you are using Dreamweaver however, you may wish to sign up for a windows hosting account

5. Go back to, login to your account with the customer id and password you should have received in your e-mail. Then go to account manager and activate your hosting account and domain. If you are having difficulties finding the exact buttons, go to the support section of and type in your question, it should guide you through most of your questions as there is nothing complicated involved.

6. After your hosting account is activated, which may take up to a few hours after your manual activation, go to YouTube and watch a few tutorials on how to use NVU. Just type ‘nvu tutorials’ in YouTube and there will be plenty of helpful videos teaching you the basics. You can also type “free website templates” in Google and download free templates that you can edit just the titles and texts to save time in actually designing a home page for your community website.

7. type “GIMP download” in Google and click on the first link to go to a website to download the free picture editing software, this will work as a toned down PhotoShop but is nonetheless free and very powerful to use. If you don’t know much about image editing, GIMP will be more than enough.

8. Type “GIMP tutorial” in YouTube and that should also lead you to several helpful tutorials (you can also search on YouTube for “GIMP text effect” “GIMP text tutorial” etc. to find your individual needs) and get familiar with GIMP.

9. Once you have your basic website designed, log on to Filezilla with the host account name and password that you can locate on under ‘account manager’ and then ‘hosting account’. If you haven’t set these up yet, you will have to set these up as they are not automatically set up upon purchase of a web domain and hosting account from

10. upload your website using filezilla (can also be done with GoDaddy’s server uploader which can be found on GoDaddy, but Filezilla is a superior program) so that when you now type in your web domain address in your browser, your homepage pops up.

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