Have the Desktop Games Been Replaced?

The invention of computer brought with it an infinite amount of opportunities. Those of creating games to be played on computers, however, were still scarce and the idea unexplored until the 70’s at least. Although text-based games had existed before this time, real development and work on the idea began around this time, and competitions were organized for developers to create more and more interesting games F95ZONE . With developments in the field, games became available on cassettes that allowed users to complete certain missions, overcoming hurdles on the way. The evolution however, did not stop there. Graphics then became the key in gaming in the decades that followed, and it’s that advancement that is now being build upon, with the result that games available these days for desktops are so realistic and pleasing to the eye, that even adults find them irresistible.

However, of late, the journey along the road of development hasn’t been that easy for desktop games. Sony created the Sega and then the PlayStation, companies like Nintendo and then Microsoft, among countless others, followed suit to give the audience gaming consoles and handheld gaming devices. Games developed for these consoles are huge; graphics (now 3D) are unbeatable and the game-play so realistic, it amazes the average user. The sophistication of all these devices is such that desktop games have now become an endangered species.

Despite the sophistication of consoles and desktop games, however, the fact remains that the expense may not be to everyone’s liking. Downloading and installing the games first, before you can start playing, is another procedure that can seem very difficult to some users.

The solution of this problem was offered to gamers with the coming-of-age of online gaming. Games are now available online on dedicated websites, thanks to the many producers working to bring newer titles to the database every day. All you need to do is take your pick from the huge collection and begin playing. One can also store their scores on the website itself, to be compared with other users, but you need to have an account on the website for that (which is free of charge). The drawback however, is that for online games to work seamlessly, a downgrading is necessary from the usual desktop software available for the same game. This is because games available online cannot run on flash if they contain the whole of the content of their desktop counterparts, as that would make them very big on the software side and extremely huge to upload to the site. This causes the graphics to be less refined and functionality to be a little restricted, but for the average user, the quality is good enough.

Another huge advantage that online games have over regular desktop ones is highly extensive multiplayer gaming. Online games use Wide Area Network connections to connect their servers, which enable users sitting continents apart to compete against each other online, without even knowing each other. Desktop games, on the other hand, offer multiplayer gaming confined only to the computers in the vicinity connected over a Local Area Network. Therefore, users who’re enthusiastic about competing with others in games ranging from arcade to adventure and sport prefer online gaming over desktop gaming these days.

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