Have Resumes Already Been Replaced By Google Search Engine Results?

According to one recently published forward-looking info article, one Chief Marketing Officer has stopped using resumes entirely. Instead, he only uses Google Search results to find candidates so he can filter out all superfluous info instead of the candidate. He seems to think that by doing the filtering himself, he receives a more accurate snapshot of who the candidate is and what talents that candidate truly possesses. Yet, realistically that executive who recruits via the Internet without resumes was looking for social media marketing talent. Well, of course many social media marketing professionals will have a sizable footprint on the Internet.

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However, this would be impossible/impractical for many other types of employees such as Registered Nurses, Teachers/Professors, Policemen, Office Administrators, Sales professionals, Business Analysts, Plumbers, Carpenters, Mechanics, Accountants, Radiologists etc. Obviously, it would be far too time consuming for any normal hiring manager/recruiter. Clearly, you would miss the best candidates without a huge surplus of free time to devote to research keyword position checker google.

These dedicated executives, hiring managers, recruiters, and Google Searchers forgot one key rule, the gifted and talented people are always the busiest professionals. The resume is a massive time saver for hiring managers, recruiters and executives. It summarizes all their value, relevant experience, education, accomplishments and relevant community service down to only a few pieces of paper. It is timeless and remains the most efficient way to select qualified candidates for interviews when combined with advanced Boolean searches.

Fortunately, any successful hiring manager with common sense knows that selecting candidates from search engine results is not practical. As a former hiring manager and recruiter, I am convinced that resumes were invented a long time ago out of necessity. To busy hiring managers, time is a very precious commodity! Since this is a universal truth, how does tripling the time required to find, recruit and hire highly qualified candidates help the hiring process?

Eight to ten years ago, even before YouTube became popular, we all heard that video resumes would end the need for traditional resumes (digital or paper). These video resumes may have helped actors/actresses, entertainers and newscasters, but not normal professionals or hiring managers. Video resumes lengthen the time it takes to find great candidates and ultimately they failed. Thankfully, Today the LinkedIn Advanced People Search has become the most popular talent search tool to find ideal candidates. Because it pinpoints the best candidates, it is so much more useful than Google, Bing or Yahoo search engine results.

In any Fortune 500 company, group interviews are popular (3+ Supervisors interview one candidate simultaneously) because their time is precious and groups often make better decisions on candidates than one person. LinkedIn puts a candidate’s resume online in digital format so it will be found with an advanced Boolean search. As you know, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents did this long ago. Meanwhile, Facebook is actually counterproductive for most! Show me a mass replacement for the resume/CV, and I will show you an epic fail.

Job hunters everywhere can relax, resumes/CVs are here to stay. However, make sure the Google search engine results on your name show positive results. Employers often will review them to check out your reputation online.

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