Find Out If People Are Looking For You Online

The age of social media has changed how people use the internet. People now share what music they like with their friends (Pandora, GrooveShark, or Last.FM), they show what books they are planning on or currently reading (Amazon), and what web pages they think are interesting (StumbleUpon). These thing work well in their intended purpose, but they work in reverse as well. The age of social sharing, what some consider Web 2.0, has internet users slowly putting more and more pieces of themselves online.

Shared voluntarily, under the assumption it was for friends only, and all in ignorant, indulgent fun, this data is often fully searchable by a “deep web search engines”. All of your blog entries, Linked In profiles, Flickr photostreams, Twitter tweets, Digg comments, Amazon wish lists – and a slew more are aggregated into an easily read search engine results page (SERP). It gets more intense scrape google . Every time you create new content or update existing, a new scrape of the net will turn up the new stuff almost immediately. So now those cool photo albums you could tell friends and family to check out, let’s anyone know what color you went with for the baby on the way and the tweets you made from your phone Monday explaining how you feel about the office, can be seen by your boss.

These social search utilities or “people searches” will bring back a score of intrusive info from the deep web; places search engine giants like Google would have never touched. To get to most of the juicier info (i.e. donations made to a presidential candidate), the person doing the searching often only pays a few dollars a month. For the small amount up front, the subscriber gets a wealth of information. Still, if they were as frugal as they are tenacious, they could just as easily use Google CSE to make their own search.

The deep web search and the companies which provide services for delving into it are not the solitary concern of any who decide to indulge in a rich “Web 2.0” experience. The boys at InfoWorld addressed what is being called “Big Data”, a “now trendy concept [that] usually implies ever-growing hordes of data, including unstructured info posted on Facebook and Twitter, and ways of gleaning intelligence from all of it to create business opportunities. The concept, however, also carries with it risks for anyone opening up about themselves on the Internet and raises questions about who exactly owns all this data.”

1) Use the AUCTION HOUSE – It is the best place to really make money and here’s why. Everything that you need to make money is already on the auction house. There is no need to go out and farm anything. The trick here is to be able to figure out what is selling cheap and buy those out and wait until the prices rise and put them back up on the auction house. That is known as “flipping”. Buying low priced goods and reselling them for profit. My suggestion would be to start with lower priced items and work your way up to higher priced items when you start getting more and more gold in your pocket.

2) Pick up EVERYTHING – When you are out questing make sure that you pick up EVERYTHING off of the dead monsters. There is and addon called Selljunk that you can get if you Google it. That addon will automatically sell all grey items in your inventory every time you visit a vendor. You will be surprised how much gold you can get just from picking everything up, you will really slap yourself in the face once you see it for yourself and wonder why you never did this before.

3) Use ADDONS – There are a couple of addons that are absolutely essential to your success in the auction house. One is Auctioneer, you can Google all of these addons as well. This addon will allow you to scan your auction house and give you the market price on any item that you hover your mouse over. It will also allow you to post items in bulk and cancel items as well. This will save you TONS of time when you have a lot of items to post in the Auction House.

4) Watch TRADE CHAT – There are those who play World of Warcraft and really just enjoy farming materials all week. There is nothing wrong with that at all. They will most likely always shout their weekly farmed materials in trade chat. These individuals will always offer bulk materials at a super low price. It’s like wholesale prices for materials. When you got a few gold to spare hit them up and pay for super cheap materials and make stuff to sell on the auction house for a profit, if you have a tradeskill on your character of course. Also, keep in touch with them and become a repeated customer. After a while they will even sell you those items even cheaper because you always buy from them.

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