Educational Games to Improve Reading Comprehension and Listening Comprehension

Summertime and learning, what do they have to do with each other? Summer is the perfect to get in some extra learning so that your skills or your child’s skills don’t get rusty. Many parents often rely on computerized games to help their children over the summer without realizing the huge benefit their child can have from playing learning games, reading comprehension and listening comprehension games as a family.

Instead of relying on the computer which is typically an individual activity, rely on hands-on games that you sit around the table and play together. This is one of the easiest ways I know of is to improve reading comprehension and listening comprehension.

Remember when you are playing games you are in a more relaxed state which makes learning easier. And, when you play games as a family, you have enjoyable family time and while you play, your child learns with the modeling you give them during your turn. Playing educational games F95ZONE also helps to cement in the skills you are learning because you are using all three modes of learning: auditory, visual, and tactile.

Parents often don’t think about game playing and learning as going hand in hand. That’s because so many games don’t have an actual learning component in them. Instead they are geared for how to get along with each other or how to play cooperatively. However, you can gain those benefits at the same time as improving learning skills when you play a learning game. In fact, children can even learn the skills they will need to learn for note-taking while playing a reading comprehension and listening comprehension game. Even children that struggle can and do improve their reading comprehension and listening comprehension skills.

After a summer of playing learning games, your child’s homework time becomes a lot less stressful. Playing improves your child’s learning skills and makes your life easier, even improving your relationship with your child.

One of my favorite reading comprehension and listening comprehension games is The Comprehension Zone because it fits all 7 criteria for learning games. In fact, one parent even stated: We have been working with our son on comprehension for years. His improvement was rapid and dramatic! By the end of playing the second time, my son was able to play successfully and currently it is easy enough for him to pick out facts while listening that he likes to try reading the card himself.

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