Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Free Classified Advertising Websites

Free classified web sites have made a come back as it pertains to advertising online products. When the Internet first became really popular, marketers could promote their wares on free classified web sites, drive a lot of traffic to their sites and make some easy sales. However, after five years or so, this became virtually ineffective. There were so many ads on these sites that they really got bogged down with junk backpage alternatives websites and people stopped looking through them to make purchases. However, web sites like Craigslist, Kijiji and Backpage have brought back life to free classified advertising. In fact, today they are a good way to promote one’s products or services.

Now, the original problems associated with free classified advertising continue to crop up. As more and more marketers realize the amount of traffic that they can drive to their site using free classified web sites, there have been a lot more junk posts and spamming. Different web sites have taken various measures to prevent this. Craigslist has really made a tremendous effort, and today require phone number verification before an individual can even create an account. You can not post in some places without first having an account and verifying your phone number. While this might be disheartening for spammers, this is really great for legitimate Internet marketers. If you post you are ads in the right categories and don’t spam then you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble or your ads not showing up. Of course, someone can always flag you. The less spam that shows up on these sites means more traffic for you.

To be successful using free classified web sites, you need to create a great headline, give away something free and capture e-mail addresses. Creating a good headline simply involves crafting one that stands out. Perhaps ask question, make a claim using interesting language and be a little over the top. You don’t want to lie but you will need to grab the reader’s attention.

Give away something free. Free reports are a good way he to attract readers. If you can afford to give away a physical product, that’s even better. However, free information usually works well. Make sure that you really give them something that they can benefit from. If you give them something that is half baked or a bunch of fluff, they won’t be motivated to purchase something from you, especially if you try to up-sell them in your report. The Internet has been around long enough that people can quickly determine detect a pre-sell.

Capture e-mail addresses whenever you can. You may not want to take readers to your squeeze page right away. However, you may want to provide a link in your free report or give them the option of signing up for your newsletter by placing an advertisement to join at a prominent position on your web site. Of course, you can always take them directly to squeeze page and require them to provide you with their email address before they can receive your report or join your list.

Another really good tip when using classified ads is to use the vacation response feature in your e-mail. Once someone responds to your e-mail, thy will automatically be sent a message that you have already crafted. In this message, you can send them to your squeeze page, to your web site or wherever you want. This will be done automatically. Therefore, you do not have to worry about checking your email and responding. It will be done automatically for you.

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