Does it Matter Where You Get Your MBA From?

One of the most commonly debated issues when it comes to discussing the MBA or Masters in Business Administration Degree is whether it really matters where you get your degree from. There are a variety of opinions on the issue and generally the arguments about the issue revolve around the importance of three factors: Location, Reputation and Convenience. In this article I will explore what the competing sides to this debate are and how you should make your decision. Like many things in life, the truth is the answer as to whether it matters where you get your MBA can be summed up in those two poignant words: It depends MBA課程 .

Traditionally, MBA schools fell into two general categories. There were the top 10-15 schools that were the cream of the crop and then all the others. The top schools included many Ivy League stalwarts such as Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Berkeley and Princeton among others. It also included top notch business programs that frequently topped the list along with the Ivy crowd such as Northwestern’s Kellogg School and Stanford University.

The reputation of these schools is so stellar and the alumni networks so powerful that both top Wall Street Investment Banks as well as top tier household corporations recruit students directly out of these programs. In years past it would not be uncommon for a graduate of a top MBA program to have his pick of several 6 figure job opportunities with lucrative hiring bonuses and incentives right out of school. Whether located on the west coast, east coast or somewhere in the middle, the sheer reputation and pedigree of an MBA from these top schools has launched thousands of powerful careers.

For those that either can’t gain acceptance or that prefer to choose a school that might cater more to a particular industry or area where location is a consideration there is a competing philosophy of choosing MBA programs. Especially in these tough economic times when traditional MBA Wall Street jobs are not as plentiful, many students are targeting their careers toward certain non-traditional MBA niches such as the environment, hi-tech startups or government work.

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