DDoS Protected Hosting Providers – Why Are They So Expensive?

Businesses hunting for DDoS protected hosting providers find themselves feeling that it is just too expensive to get the protection from DDoS attacks that they desperately need. With the growth of financial, gambling, and other high-risk websites, you are constantly at the mercy of DDoS attackers that are looking to bring down your business in just minutes while it took you months (or even years) just to set it up. However, when you want the protection you need to stop these attacks, why does it cost $150-2200 a month?

Their equipment is expensive.

One DDoS protected hosting provider spent $52,000 in equipment just for fighting against very high-profile DDoS attacks. There are companies out there that sell DDoS protection equipment as high as $300,000, making the industry a very low-competitive one. It is very frustrating Fivem anti ddos and tiresome for those who want to start a business in that industry. That frustration carries on to you, as the monthly pricing is very high to make up for the high cost of the equipment as well as the large amount of money that is spent yearly on just maintenance alone.

The DDoS protected hosting providers industry has very little competition.

This turns into bad news for you if you are seeking that DDoS protection, because you can very easily be overcharged simply when there is no competitor available to offer the same thing (or more) for less money. This means that a lot of businesses struggling on their own cyber security end up feeling it is not worth the investment to get protection prior to a website attack. The only time people feel they must buy protection is they become victims of such attacks. This is the reason why so many businesses remain unprotected while technology, new equipment, and new research makes doing DDoS attacks a frighteningly simple task to do for many individuals with ill-intentions.

DDoS protected hosting providers rarely can offer discounts.

Consumers complain to DDoS protected hosting providers all the time about high prices. Providers would love to offer discounts, but their income ratio is too low to meet expenses. In layman terms, they don’t get a lot of customers, meaning that they not only do not have to be competitive, they also have to be desperate. These situations are common for many of these hosting providers.

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