Blogging Your Way To Your Market’s Attention

Social media’s power lies in numbers, in networks, and in its immediacy. One of the most popular social media platforms is the blog, and having one for your business can help you in many ways. You probably have your own favorite bloggers to follow (and blogs to visit) as there are a lot of them that have risen to the top of their niches in terms of popularity and reach, in no smart part due to the trustworthiness, value and reliability built with each post, and how bloggers engaging with their followers and subscribers.

The speedy evolution injected by the internet into our communication media exploded the ways we used to talk to each other . Snail mail was superseded by email, the numbers of long-distance calls fell once Skype was stable and running, and anyone could make their own free website — remember Geocities?

Blogging is no longer a recent phenomenon — not when you think in internet time. But it addresses the same ancient longing to make a connection, only now we can use Wi-Fi to do so. Whatever medium we use –social media, blogging platforms, networking apps and websites, we use it to connect, find information, share it, and motivate people to act on it for our benefit or on behalf of others.{more}

With a large segment of the online masses growing disillusioned with the way more traditional news media present news and events, many have chosen to to go to other sources for their updates. Blogs like The Huffington Post, Gawker and LifeHacker have become part of the daily routine of millions of visitors and subscribers. Because of their varied and always updated content, and their speedy updates, more and more people are coming to trust power-blogs for their source on things happening online and around the world.

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