Blog Traffic – How to Keep Readers Coming Back For More

Do not stop blogging – ever. You must blog as often as possible and keep your blog updated. If a visitor goes to your site and finds old content they may not come back, as it will not be worth the trip back. So keep it fresh. Try to blog for a minimum of 3 to 4 days a week so users will find new material whenever they visit. Statistics even have it that your chances of attracting new traffic is by blogging from Tuesday to Thursday as this is when most people are likely to be visiting blogging sites.

Tell your audience what they expect and want to hear from you. Do not digress from the topics that your blog is about. If a user specifically logs onto your blog hoping to read about stock market reports, news and updates, do not blog about the play now showing at your local theater. That is not what they are looking for on your blog.

Carefully plan your content. If you are blogging on politics, you may include what you think will happen in an upcoming election, who will win, by what percentage etc. You could also blog on what is new in a particular industry such as the entertainment, fashion or movie world – write about just-released films or a movie premier you attended. Blog about shocking issues such as the latest financial scandal and how it went down – as these topics will usually attract and keep your readers attention Sherry dyson . You may also include product reviews such as on the latest iPod Touch, whether you enjoy its features and would recommend it to others. Most importantly, ensure that you stay in the know and your readers will be grateful for keeping them updated as well.

Include links to other bloggers that your readers may find interesting, by networking other blogs. Invite your readers to post comments about the issues you are discussing, as this makes for an interactive experience. Allowing readers to participate develops a feeling of ownership to your blog and they will keep coming back if only to have their say. Include a bookmark button on your blog page whereby you can bookmark each of your posts, and also allow your readers to do the same. Finally remember to keep your tone friendly and casual and not too authoritative, as this will scare off readers who may feel that you are preaching to them – they can always attend church for that.

If you will run a quick search on the internet you will discover that almost any successful site has its own blog, it has become a standard practice to add a blog to main domain so that any development, marketing or management team could speak openly to their audience and announce things, as well as discuss non related issues.

Every good site could use a blog, a less official channel of communication that will allow more casual information to pass between the site owner or web master and its visitors. To build such a blog you really only need to have a few basic skills in installing a new folder on your server, and once that is done most of the work is simply posting just like you would do with any free on line blog template.

The main idea behind installing your own blog is to have a chance to get a little more personal on its pages and posts, if you own a commercial site you can tell your visitors a little about you and how you developed that site, a promotional site can have an updating blog with news and new releases that the visitors might be interested in.

The great thing about blogs that are dedicated to a main site is that it allows the development team to step in and talk about the influences and the trends that they listen to and that helped shaped the site, it can also lead to some beneficial dialog with visitors on certain subjects, making the development team aware of users opinions, bugs and problems with the system. The same system can be used to help users make comments about problems or issues with an on line system.

The comment tool in blogs can be used for higher interaction with leads, clients and experts from around the world, asking an open question could be answered via the comment script and a real discussion between the web master and the comment makers can start and ignite the production of changes. The advantage that the blog system has is that a web master could not only answer comments but issue new posts in a matter of minutes, to respond fully to questions or needs, or some time even explain how something works in more detail.

The Advantages  of Using a Blog for a Main Site are not only in terms of communicating with people, the search engine benefits of having a blog discuss a main site are numerous, using a blog to send direct links into a main site new pages will index them faster and have direct traffic visit those page as soon as the blog post is published. If you have a main site you might want to consider installing a blog and starting to communicate with your audience on a less official channel.

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