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Did you just start a new blog and you are wondering why no one visits your blog and read your killer content? Perhaps you have read somewhere that writing and posting killer content is all you need to do. The rest will take care of itself.

Unfortunately, someone may be leading you down the wrong route. Killer content is one thing, but if you don’t have a way to actively promote your blog, nobody will ever find your content! It’s just like precious diamonds that are buried deep underground, just waiting to be found.

And that’s exactly right because all you need to do, is to expose your content to the world. So how do you do that? You can do that by getting others to link to you . The good news is, because you have such good content, others are more likely to link to you. For example, you can approach bloggers who are in similar niches and ask them if they would mention your blog in their next post. Of course, you would do the same for them.

Alternatively, you can make use of article distribution services to help promote your blog. Such services will post your content to other blogs and article directories with your links in them. To do this right, make sure that you have your target keyword phrases in your text links. These are called anchor texts.

When you have the right anchor texts in the links, the search engines will take note of that and rank you accordingly. For instance, if your target keyword phrase is “blog for money”, you will most likely rank well when someone searches for those keywords. That is how you get traffic, and that is how others will find your blog. With traffic, you may then start to build a readership.

Learning how to create a blog can be incredibly tasking if you have not done one before. It can appear technical, particularly when you hear talk of having to install scripts and deal with MYSQL panels. You probably are saying what?

There is good news. There are ways to substantially cut down on the time it takes you to learn how to become a successful niche blogger. I believe one of the best tools out there to help you accomplish this a web site called “The Niche Blogger. The Niche Blogger was created by Amy Bass, a mother of four children, who started blogging as a way to eliminate her family’s debt. Well, she has done that and more. The debt is gone and there is a resulting program in place that shows you exactly what she did to get there.

She leaves out nothing, takes no knowledge for granted. She provides complete screen shots and detailed instructions that show you step by step what to do from choosing a niche with research, to installing, marketing and making money from your blog.

Amy’s program is not an over hyped program created by one of the many web guru’s. This program was created out of her own necessity and she wants to share how that is done. Her family’s lives will be forever changed by her decision to become a niche blogger and she wants to have the same impact on your family.

I have been pleasantly surprised by her honesty and compassion. It has really separated her from so many of the other programs available online. Truthfully, prior to joining the Niche Blogger, I had no idea how to create a blog, much less monetize it.

Since joining the Niche Blogger, I have been able to create several profitable blogs. I really have been blow away by the simplicity and can not believe I am on my as an affiliate marketer. If you are unsure of how to create a blog, you really owe to yourself to check out the Niche Blogger.

If you are looking to post on Do Follow Blog directories it is most likely because you would like to get a link back to your site and have it recognized by the search engines. Did you know that most so-called do follow blogs do not actually have the “nofollow tag” disabled? In other words, when a search engine gets to the site it will not follow the link posted in the comments and those sites will not be recognized.

Why would people promote having a Do Follow Blog and not really have one? Some may tout that they have a do-follow just to get people to visit (a shady tactic). Some may be unaware that there site doesn’t actually follow but have no way to be certain. Some sites have a setting to automatically disable the nofollow tag after you have posted a number of times (usually 5 to 10 posts) on their site, thus cutting down on comment spam.

Before I get to the tool that is going to change the way you look at websites I want to lay down some ground rules for posting comments. If you are looking for links back to your site by posting comments on blogs then you need to do it the right way:

1. Do Not Spam – The most important rule of them all. If you are spamming comments all over the place to get your links out there then you are going about this the complete wrong way. Most sites moderate there comment posts and your comment will most likely be taken down.

2. Be informative and genuine when leaving a post. For more info on this see rule #1

3. If you are asking a question, have it be relevant to the article or site that you are posting on.

4. Don’t make your comment all about you and your site. If you post something that answers a persons question or is just interesting then you may get people to click on your link just because of that.

Now that you understand the rules for posting, you just need to find those actual “Do Follow Blogs”. Good news is that if you are using firefox for your browser then you have access to a free tool to help with finding them. Any successful online marketer will tell you that firefox is far superior to internet explorer, so if you are still using the latter then it is time to switch.

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