8 Literary Sources of Inspiration for Your Next Article Topic

I write a lot in promoting my Internet Marketing Business, and when I first got started I struggled to know what to write about. If you ever struggle to find more topics to write about for your articles or blog, here is a list of literary inspiration ideas.


Books – Without a doubt, one of my favorite places for inspiration, but that’s probably because I’m a voracious reader. Self Development and Time Management books are a favorite of mine kesihatan alternatif website, but I also read a lot to my kids, and the questions kids come up with have inspired ideas for articles too.

Table of Contents – Whatever niche you are in, chances are someone has written a book about it. Not only will the content of the book give ideas, but even faster than that you can scan the Table of Contents for the book and voila, a whole list of relevant article topics.

Articles – Browsing article directories can give you new ideas for topics to write about; look at what is popular; sometimes reading an article will spark idea to add to that article, or incite an opinion of your own. All are valid ideas for your own article.

Blog Posts – If you are anything like me, you probably follow a few blogs, maybes some friends, maybes some ‘big names’ in your niche if there are any. Quite often one of them will publish a post that just inspires an article – they might teach or show me something new, their blog itself might be so good it’s worth a review article too.

Q&A Websites – Yahoo Answers is a good example of a website where people go solely to post questions and answers. Whether you actually join in and answer them on the site itself, browsing the sort of questions people are asking is a good source of article ideas.

Forums – Where else can you find people needing help, asking questions, looking for answers, engaging in extended discussions? Forums are a great place to find ideas for article topics – start answering some of those questions, solving problems, offering solutions. Find popular, and trending, topics and write an article giving your opinion, or ideas.

Press Release – Press releases are a good way of keeping up with what is happening in your industry or niche, and a wonderful source of ideas for article topics.

Training Course Materials – have you bought or attended a course of some sort? Most likely you got reading materials too. Even if you didn’t learn anything from the course, no doubt there is information there that other people don’t know, right? Take a topic and write an article – you’ll probably find there’s enough subject matter for several articles.

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